Despite the blazing heat and humidity, I hosted a Greektown grocery tour this afternoon for my cooking group. We perused the aisles of Athens Grocery, picked up a few sweets from Pan Hellenic PastryShop and feasted on a fabulous lunch at Greek Islands. Here are pics from the grocery tour:

Imported dried oregano at Athens Grocery!
Cookies at Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop

The famous & delicious saganaki!
A majority of us ordered the combination plate:
roast leg of lamb, meatball, vegetables, potatoes
pastistio: baked pasta, meat & cheese casserole w/bechamel sauce
mousaka: baked eggplant, meat & potato casserole w/bechamel sauce
dolmades: grapes leaves stuffed w/rice, meat & herbs w/lemon & egg sauce
I think the food coma has set in…
For dessert, we enjoyed these treats we
picked up at the Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop:
Melonakarona Cookies – cookies soaked in a honey-based syrup
BaklavaButtery phyllo sheets filled with honey & walnuts
Galaktobourekocustard filled phyllo dough soaked in lemon syrup