Red Velvet Cake Balls

This is such a common recipe among fellow food bloggers these days. I had some leftover Red Velvet Cake that my friend Jen brought us a few days ago and made these Red Velvet Cake Balls to use it up and share.

The recipe for this is rather easy and can be easily found on a slew of other blogs in greater detail, but I thought it would be interesting to provide a link to a New York Times article that outlines the popularity, legends and the history of Red Velvet Cake.

Red Velvet Cake Balls
original recipe unkown

Prepared red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
Chocolate bark, melted
small scoop
parchment lined baking sheet

– In a large bowl, mash the prepared and frosted cake to fully combine.
– Using a small scoop, form small balls of mashed cake.
– Roll each ball with your hands to form a more uniform ball.
– Melt chocolate according to package directions and place melted chocolate in a small bowl.
– Carefully place ball of cake into the melted chocolate and coat completely.
– Remove coated cake ball and place on parchment lined baking sheet to harden.