You’ve Been Tagged

Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Cooking Experiments has tagged me for a fun little meme! It’s been ages since I’ve done a meme… but since I have some free time these days, why not?!

Seven Secrets and/or Weird Facts About Joelen

  1. I prefer eating in local neighborhood restaurants over chains & highly rated/chic restaurants. Why? There’s a whole different vibe dining in local establishments that I don’t get from chains or highly rated/chic restaurants. I find myself feeling much more comfortable and service is rarely an issue. Chains don’t offer a dining experience that’s unique enough for me… and the highly rated/chic restaurants I’ve been to just come off as pretentious and more expensive than it really should be.
  2. I’m dressed in pajamas more than I am in ‘everyday’ attire. I blame this on working from home and feeling comfortable as much as possible.
  3. I rarely cook beef at home. My husband doesn’t eat beef due to medical reasons so I’ve stopped buying it. However, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying beef every now and then when dining out!
  4. I’m a neat freak. Our home is always in a state of being ‘guest ready’ because we tend to have company over all the time at random times. It continues in my kitchen where everything is organized.
  5. I have a thing with lists… and lots of them. I have lists of everything and lists of lists. To make matters worse, if I scratch out what I write I have to get a whole new piece of paper and re-write it so it looks clean – and I don’t do pencils. (Yeah, even on paper I’m a neat freak!)
  6. I can cook pretty much anything in my wok… and I have! For the longest time, I had only a large wok and my dutch oven to cook in. If I could only have one piece of cookware to use, it would most definitely be my wok.
  7. I don’t like talking on my cellphone. I’d much rather communicate electronically via text or email.

So what secrets or weird facts do you have about yourself? I’m not sure who to tag but if you’d like to participate, please do so!


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