Grilled Peach Melba w/Marscapone

The following recipe was prepared during my Summer Grilling cooking class. You can read about it and check out the other recipes I made for the class HERE.

Grilled Peach Melba w/Mascarpone

I love how abundant peaches have been this week at my local market. Using this to my advantage, I made this dish on the grill. It’s not only easy but the colors of the dish are beautiful.

Here is my recipe for Grilled Peach Melba w/Marscapone:
1-2 large ripe peaces, halved
1 small tub of marscapone cheese
raspberry coulis (purchased or prepared)
fresh mint for garnish

On a medium high heat grilled, place peach halves and grill with open lid.
Turn the peaches when grill marks appear and the natural sugars begin to caramelize.
To plate, place the peach half on a plate and add a small scoop of marscapone cheese in the well where the pit was.
Drizzle with either a purchased or prepared raspberry coulis and garnish with fresh mint.


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