Independence Day? I think not!

It’s July 4th and a time to celebrate! However, it’s not quite Independence Day from the kitchen for me. I’ve got quite a few things cooking & baking today…

To compliment our 16 Spice Chicken w/Cilantro Cream, I also made a simple black bean & sweet corn salad and mashed maple sweet potatoes. It was a fabulous dinner which brought back memories of my meal at Mesa Grill, only it was even better to have shared it with my husband.


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  1. OMG! You were cooking up a storm today! Your breakfast looks fabulous — I haven’t had french toast in so long! Your dinner with the 16 spiced chicken looks wonderful too! I saw Bobby do that dish on Iron Chef and I was wondering how good it was. You have definitely convinced me to try it! I’ll have to do it with that cilantro sauce too — LOVE cilantro! 🙂

  2. That chicken looks wonderful!!

  3. You were a busy girl!
    We ordered pizza, but then again, we don’t celebrate the 4th of July. 🙂
    I will have to give that chicken a try, my DH would love it!

  4. Wow! What a menu! Everything looks so delicious…I want some of that French Toast…Yum!

    BTW, thanks for telling me about the Fruit Frenzy blogging event…I just entered the Chicken Georgia! =)


  5. That bread pudding looked amazing! Heck, all the food does, but I love bread pudding.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  6. I cannot wait to try the chicken and the french toast! Everything looks so wonderful. Hopefully you can relax over the next two days after being so busy!

  7. wow, that all looks sooooo good! i wish i lived near peabody too 😉

  8. I am amazed at the sheer number of items you’ve posted and how each and every one looks so good!

    Thank you for entering Ice Cream, You Scream! Your sorbet looks beauuutiful!

  9. Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I’ve been baking a lot, using recipes that require more egg whites than I know what to do with, so I’ve been using powdered egg whites. Just Whites by Deb El,is the brand I’ve been using. I was skeptical at 1st, but they’re real egg whites and it makes for easy clean up (no sheels or neglected egg yolks)

  10. Wow! Can I come to your house next fourth of July? Really. I’ll bring wine. 😀

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