Digging Deep & Paying Cheap

It’s now Monday, just nearing the end of our vacation. We had some business meetings and appointments scheduled today (I know… I’m crazy to even work on vacation, but you’ll go to great lengths for things you have a passion for…)

Before our busy day ahead, we had lunch off the beaten path. Some great food can be found if you are willing to dig a bit. Located just south of downtown Orlando, my sister in law brought us to El Palacio, an authentic and fresh Latin and Cubano buffet restaurant.

It’s one of very few places in central Florida that has a large selection of Latino dishes to choose from. But the best part? Well, you just can’t beat the $5.99 price tag for a filling and authentic lunch. I’m still craving the pork carnitas and beef ribs! If you are in the neighborhood, your best bet is to get there around 11:30am to beat the mad lunch rush.

Here are pics from lunch:

The rest of the day we were tied up in meetings and appointments so lunch wasn’t anything blog worthy. We ended up going back to Sushiology for dinner since we could eat sushi every day!


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