Blowing Kissimmee Kisses

Today on our second full day here, we had a lazy start indulging in a few episodes ofLaw & Order: Criminal Intent. (Believe it or not, I’m a die hard Law & Order fan and love all the series: Criminal Intent, Special Victims Unit & the original Law & Order!) For lunch we wanted something nearby and unique to the area… at least something a little different from what we can experience in Chicago. With that in mind, we went to Cafe Tu Tu Tango.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango is a unique and vibrant restaurant that merges both food and art. Upon stepping in, you’re immediately surrounded by artistic color, textures and delicious smells. Their concept is simple: offering a multi-ethnic menu of items all served tapas style, in appetizer portions. Our server suggested starting with 3 different dishes to share for 2 people. We ordered a baked artichoke & crabmeat dip, served with large Cuban style water crackers or cracker bread; Cajun Chicken Eggrolls (Blackened chicken, roasted corn, cheddar and goat cheese; served with creole mustard sauce and salsa roja), and Spicy Chili Garlic Wings, served with a cilantro lime dipping sauce. All of the dishes were fabulous and left us perfectly satisfied – not too full, not still hungry… it hit the spot perfectly.

To help walk off lunch, we hit the Prime Outlets International and exercised out wallet. Then it was off to visit my sister in law at the Mall of Millenia. The whole day was pretty relaxing, casual and laid back… all for good reason. Little did I know what fun was in store tonight!

For dinner, we met up with 2 couples who lived in the area. Jessy & Karen are girlfriends who I’ve gotten to know through a special social circle. The three of us brought our husbands to dinner and we definitely had a great & memorable night. Dinner was at Garbaldi’s in Kissimmee, FL. Upon arrival, we stepped into a lively place full of amazing aromas, flowing margaritas and the sounds of the mariachi band. This was definitely the place to be as each table and booth was filled with hungry and happy patrons.

(And here are our hubbies who are a little camera shy…)
We started drinking some amazing mango margaritas.
They were huge, sweet and quite addictive!

For dinner, my husband and I indulged in chicken & shrimp fajitas.
The portions were so large, there was barely any room on the table!
We thought the food and atmosphere was excellent and we were glad we visited this local Mexican restaurant chain. It offered some authentic eats and lively surroundings to boot.

But the night was just beginning. We all carried the party to a local sport’s bar – Sharky’s. Located in a Kissimmee strip mall, it doesn’t look like much… but inside, we had that place partying it up! They have a couple pool tables, dart boards and a juke box – everything we needed for a memorable night. Our husbands were soon bonding over a game of pool while us gals were all smiles and laughs with our drinks in hand.

The drink of the night is one Karen introduced us to – Malibu & Diet Coke. I would never have thought the two would go together! These 2 liquids make for a fabulous drink. So much so, we had quite a few… mixed in with a couple lemon drop shots. By the end of the night, some of us were on the floor – literally (due to slippery floors, belly aching laughter or a combination of both!)
With the juke box at arms reach, we rocked out to Bon Jovi, Marvin Gaye and some “bodunkadunk”. Maybe the next time we visit in the future, the owner will take our suggestion of offering karaoke!

As the night came to an end and said our goodbyes to our friends, we realized it was a perfect opportunity to hit a local late night grease pit – Waffle House. In Chicagoland, we don’t have this chain available so it was great to check this out. It’s a typical grease pit specializing in waffles. Ironically, we didn’t try them. I was expecting the waffles to be served with fried chicken, a southern specialty, but no fried chicken is on the menu. But we did find some great eats to round out our night of singing, dancing and drinking. I thought the Grilled Texas Bacon Egg & Cheese Melt Plate was pretty darn good and hit the spot. My sister in law, who joined us at the bar, enjoyed her Grilled Texas Bacon DOUBLE Patty Melt Plate. And the clean plate my husband left of his omelette and country ham was a sign that he enjoyed his order too.

They even have their own custom hot sauce!

We didn’t get home until almost 3am and so far, it was the most entertaining night of our vacation. We’ve got a few more nights ahead and we’re looking forward to the fun still in store.


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