Olive Oil Galore…

All olives are not the same… and neither are their oils! I hosted 2 olive oil tasting sessions (afternoon & evening) where we focused on olive oils from various parts of the world. Attendees tasted 6 different olive oils from France, Spain, Greece, Italy, South Africa and Australia. I had attendees taste the olive oils alone and with bread so that they could learn to taste them taking note of the oil’s appearance, aroma, flavor, finish, texture, etc.

For the tasting, I used this site for some great resources for handouts, score cards, etc.

While I supplied the olive oils for the tasting, I left the attendees to bring accompaniments and/or dishes made with olive oil. Everyone brought some wonderful things to the table. Here are pictures of the afternoon session…

Linda’s Goat Cheese w/Fresh Herbs & Olive Oil
Elynne’s Malaysian Bread
with corn & onionsBob’s Homemade Hummus & Pita Bread
Susan’s favorite Garlic Olives & Jalepeno Olives
Margaret’s Bruschetta
Art & Caroline’s Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip
with Tortilla Chips

Here are pictures from the evening session:
Mark’s Italian Bread & Cheese/Sausage Platter
Tom’s Fresh Fruit Platter
Mark’s Cheese Platter
Mia & Kelby’s Cheese Platter w/Maureen’s Proscuitto
Kurt’s Homemade Hummus
Maureen’s Homemade Olive Tapenade
Nadia & Dan’s Homemade Pesto & Bread Platter
Ginny’s Caprese Salad

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