I’ve Made Someone’s Day!

As I blog about my “culinary adventures” whether they are the meals at home or events I host with my group, What’s Cookin Chicago, I sometimes wonder if sharing my culinary experiences are even interesting enough for readers or if they just get suspended out in cyber blogspace. But the following award has motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing.

A big Thank You! goes out to the following bloggers who recognized me for the “You Made My Day” Award:

Lauren, who does a superb job with her blog, Lauren’s Kitchen
Erin, who has a tasty blog capturing sweet & savory in Dinner & Dessert
Erin, a fellow Chicagoan who in her blog, highlights Cooking & Eating in the Windy City

So to pass on the torch, I’d like to pass on this award with fellow bloggers…

Kate of Paved With Good Intentions – Kate is a frequent reader of my blog and I truly enjoy her comments to my entries. You continually make my day Kate, so thank you! PS… we must meet up when I’m in San Diego later this fall!

Shawnda of Confections of a Foodie Bride – Shawnda has a blog I admire for many reasons… her amazing culinary skills, awesome photography and just overall appreciation for food. Thank you Shawnda for providing a consistent and well done food blog!

JMama of Bella Lately – JMama (her nickname) is someone who I wish I would have met before she moved out to the east coast. She previously lived here in Chicago and is an avid foodie like me. I’ve been “seeing” her more online and that always makes my day. 🙂


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