Nice Matters!

A great foodie and personal friend of mine, Elly of Elly Says Opa!, has nominated for a Nice Matters Award. It was such a surprise and honor to have been thought of — Thank you Elly!

Please check out Elly’s blog for her amazing recipes, delicious photos and witty commentaries. She is quite an inspiration as she was one friend that encouraged me to begin blogging about my love of food. Elly paved the way for a large blogging community withing a special network of women and she’s also motivated me to read more books – a news years resolution I made for myself in 2008. (She has great taste in food related books too so it’s easy for me to find a book to read!) So to spread the warm fuzzy feeling I received in being nominated, I would like to nominate the following bloggers for the Nice Matters Award:

Amber of Amber’s Delectable Delights ~ Amber is a personal friend of mine who welcomed me into her home as if we were long time friends when we met for the first time! Whenever I’m stumped on menu planning, she has always come through with great suggestions. She’s a great person inside and out and I’m glad to have her as a friend. Do check out her blog because she is an amazing cook and baker… and the pictures of her dishes don’t do any justice in how they taste! Every recipe I’ve made from her blog came out wonderfully…

Blake of Blake Makes ~ I just learned of Blake’s blog this evening and I think his concept is definitely nice, if not beyond! He has a wonderful blog where he creates various foodstuff and sends it out to fellow food bloggers for feedback… all for free! It’s his way of expanding his network and reaching out to foodies who can provide constructive criticism to help perfect his products. Anyone who gives out free food in my book is definite nice!

Peabody of Culinary Concoctions of Peabody ~ Peabody is one person I admire. Aside from her amazing baking skills, she has a very personable vibe that resonates through her blog. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, I have no doubt in my mind that she would be as pleasant in person as she comes across when she writes about her latest sweet creation. It’s also worth noting that when she’s not baking in her kitchen, she’s teaching others how to cook in their own homes… using the skills she’s learned when she studied in culinary/pastry school. If that isn’t a nice thing to do – for people and for a living – I don’t know what is!

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